2017-11-22 / Editorials

Lift her up in prayer!

Billy Fleming

Some time ago, I gleaned the following from an editorial by a Warren Throckmorton which seemed appropriate for Thanksgiving thoughts...

“...remember this is the greatest nation on earth. People flock here from everywhere because we are still the land of opportunity no matter who is in the White House. We are the most resilient nation on earth. No matter how many hate, envy or attack us, we always come backstronger. And, we are the most free nation on earth. The constitution is the standard that guarantees our freedom.”

While both underwent more than their fair share of stress helping build our country, Presidents Washington and Lincoln had visions of how great this country would eventually be.

They knew America’s foundation was built on the single, strongest, most enduring government document ever written by man.

And they knew — without any doubt — that it was based on the single most powerful force known to mankind... the Word of God.

Through all our country’s wars and strife, this country’s leaders and generals, with rare exceptions, drew their strength and guidance from God.

Our country’s trials and tribulations seem to mount daily. Still, there are more reasons then ever before to take time to give thanks for her many blessings .



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