2017-11-15 / Front Page

City council approves tax increase

The Blakely City Council adopted an ordinance at a special meeting Oct. 5 setting the city’s millage rate at 4.25 mills.

The council had adopted a resolution at their Sept. 5 meeting increasing the city’s ad valorem tax from 3.25 mills to 4.25 mills.

As the News has reported earlier, the millage increase is necessary because of a recently discovered miscalculation of Early County’s Title Ad Valorem Tax on vehicles. The miscalculation has resulted in an overpayment of over $500,000 of the TAVT to the city since the tax was implemented by the state in 2013.

Will Geer of Geer & Associates presented a “positive” audit report to the mayor and council at the Nov. 7 council meeting. Ivan and Wanda Minks appeared before the council to discuss the city’s Opportunity Zone plan to be submitted to DCA.

The council adopted an ordinance amending the city’s retirement plan to accomodate the transfer of E911 employees.

The council approved a resolution and premium quote from GMA providing cancer benefit coverage for firefighters. Legislation passed by the 2017 General Assembly mandates the coverage be provided as of Jan. 1, 2018.

Fire Chief Randy McDonald discussed a $110,000 Firefighter Assistance grant which will be used to purchase breathing appartus.

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