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Early County’s hospital commenced operations under new ownership Nov. 1, assuring access to essential healthcare services remain available Early County and the surrounding area.

Georgia-based LifeBrite Hospital Group completed its asset purchase agreement assuming operational control from Pioneer Health Services.

The new partnership is already shifting the local community health landscape. LifeBrite is making significant investments in patient services, equipment and technology to assure excellence in patient care.

Hospital Administrator Ginger Cushing will continue her role at LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early. Cushing expressed her enthusiasm for the changes.

“With the change in ownership now official our providers and staff are looking forward to serving our community in the manner it deserves,” she stated. “This is very good news for our residents.”

Hospital Authority Chairman Buck Grist welcomed LifeBrite, saying, “Rural hospitals face large challenges. We have been working with LifeBrite for the better part of a year and have been impressed with their investment plan and commitment to the people of Early County.”

LifeBrite Hospital Management Company CEO Christian Fletcher cites the strong local leadership and sense of community as a significant factor in LifeBrite’s decision to acquire ownership of the lease.

“Healthcare is a local issue — best addressed by local solutions,” he stated. “Ginger and her team, the local provider community and community leadership care deeply about providing access to the best care possible — their passion and professionalism are inspiring and we look forward to being part of this community for a long time.”

Currently LifeBrite provides the following services: family medicine and urgent care; acute care emergency department; laboratory; physical, occupational, and speech therapy; pulmonary rehabilitation; radiology (CT, ultrasound, X-ray); respiratory therapy; nursing home; short-term rehabilitation; and surgical services.

Visit the hospital’s new web site: www.lifebriteearly.com.

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