2017-10-25 / Editorials

Egret really do eat quail

Billy Fleming

One thought comes to mind every time I hear someone talk about the Kennedy assassination... “cattle egret eat baby quail!”

I guess that thought will now be soundly driven home. President Trump is releasing 3,100 previously unreleased files that hold tens of thousands of pages of new material.

The 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act required that the millions of pages, many of them contained in CIA and FBI documents, be published in 25 years — by tomorrow, to be specific.

The most accurate speculation I have heard in recent days as the frenzy of anticipation builds has been... “Whatever theory anyone has about the assassination, they are probably going to be able to find enough information to confirm that theory!”

Like the moon landing, the 9-11 attacks and the Howdy Doody Show being cut from TV, it was one of those events that made time stand still... you will never forget exactly where you were when you heard... “the president’s been shot!”

I was in Camden County with my fellow Bobcats preparing to play Camden County in a playoff game. Despite the assassination and the distraction that came with it, we played what turned out to be our last high school football game.

I was enlightened to the fact that the egret eat baby quail by Robert Crowdis who has his own assassination theory.

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