2017-10-04 / Sports

Warriors defeat Springwood

By Karlie Bridges
Warriors’ Word Staff Writer

Junior Ty Cooper (68) and senior Miller Pickle (56) block for senior BB Tedder (8). Junior Ty Cooper (68) and senior Miller Pickle (56) block for senior BB Tedder (8). Last Friday SGA traveled to Lanett, Ala., to play the Springwood Wildcats.

SGA started the game off by kicking the ball. The Wildcats, with their big offensive line, were able to move the ball down the field. The Warriors adjusted the defense and held the Wildcats to a field goal on their opening drive.

The rest of the first half was dominated by the Warriors who scored 14 offensive points and shut down the Wildcats offense.

The Warriors suffered one injury in the first half when linebacker Cole Bruner was treated for a broken wrist.

At the start of the second, half the Wildcats appeared to have made some adjustments to game. The Wildcats stopped the Warriors first second half drive and then scoring 6, however, the Warriors continued the intense physical play that has been exciting their fan base, and quickly had several scoring drives for a final score of 50-9.

Junior, Keyshawn Jackson, was 1 of 1 for a 58 yard pass to Holden Phillips resulting in a touchdown.

Senior, Cam Granger, had 18 carries for 361 yards averaging 20 yards a carry. Senior, KJ Warren, had 6 carries for 65 yards averaging 10.8 yards a carry. Senior, BB Tedder, had 3 carries for 7 yards averaging 2.3 yards a carry. Senior, Cam Granger, had 7 tackles and 2 sacks. Junior, Aaron Haire, had 5 tackles and 1 fumble recovery. Junior, Parker Weaver, had 4 tackles. Senior, BB Tedder, and Junior Holden Phillips, had 3 tackles. Senior, KJ Warren, Junior, Keyshawn Jackson, and Sophomore, Ted Sasser, had 2 tackles.

Coach Daniel McFather stated, “We’re very proud of our boys. They faced a very talented team Friday, and they all worked hard this week preparing for them. We were blessed to come out with a big win. We’re excited and blessed to be going into homecoming week in the position that we’re in.”

Next week SGA will be playing the PCA Panthers for their homecoming game.

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