2017-10-04 / Front Page

Lifebrite takeover delayed

The News has learned that the management transition of the hospital between Pioneer and Lifebrite scheduled to begin Sept. 30 has again been delayed.

When the Lilburn, Ga.- based LifeBrite Hospital Group’s Asset Purchase Agreement bid was approved June 28 by the bankruptcy court, it was announced a management transition would begin Aug. 31.

However, that proposed closing date was delayed due to unresolved Pioneer Health Services legal issues and the proposed closing date was rescheduled to Sept. 30.

The closing date has been postponed again, primarily due to a delay in the transfer of medical records. The proposed date for the six-month management transition agreement with Pioneer is now Oct. 31.

Hospital Authority chairman Buck Grist cautioned the public not to interpret the delay as a lack of commitment. “Lifebrite is anxious and ready to assume management of the hospital and providing quality healthcare to the community.”

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