2017-10-04 / Editorials

Need to ask why this time

Billy Fleming

I often remind myself not to ask “why” when faced with a disrupting challenge. I learned long ago that God will answer when you ask why. But, he does it at the time of his choosing.

There you go again, asking why! I don’t know why, but I can tell you that more than once, his timing was to my advantage.

I found myself asking why again early Monday morning when I learned of the carnage in Las Vegas. But, this time I expect an answer. While He is no doubt listening in, it’s not Him I am asking why this time.

The media and authorities often times stumble over the question following horrific events resulting in death and disrupted lives. They tip toe in efforts not to offend anyone — it’s called political correctness, the most effective tool our enemies have at their disposal!

And while they are stuttering and stammering, most of us usually have already figured it out!

However, an obvious motive for Stephen Paddock’s deadly rampage in Las Vegas Sunday night is eluding most of us... and authorities, too, apparently.

As a talking head just said on the TV behind me... “it just doesn’t make any sense!”

I would be comforted to hear authorities say they have connected him to a terrorist organization. But, with the direction our country is headed, this one scares me more than the others!

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