2017-09-27 / Front Page

Emergency call is almost deadly

An emergency call to an apparent suicide attempt last week near Jakin nearly took a deadly turn!

A 911 call was received Thursday afternoon reporting an adult male having intentionally overdosed on medication in an apparent suicide attempt.

When Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin Naramore and EMTs arrived on the scene, the male subject was coherent and told EMTs he did not wish to be treated or transported.

The 35-year-old male was making statements about ending his life, however, which made it necessary for the Sheriff’s Investigator to take the subject into protective custody in order to be evaluated.

While seated on the front steps to the mobile home, the subject leaned back without warning, reached into his waistband and grabbed a pistol tucked into his shorts.

The Naramore made a split-second decision to grab the subject around his arms and wrists in an attempt to prevent him from pulling the gun from his waist. During the struggle, the subject fired a shot and suffered a self-inflicted, non-life threatening gun shot wound to his leg.

The Naramore received burns on his arm from the gunshot.

The Sheriff ’s Investigator was able to gain control of the gun, subdue the subject, and call for assistance on his cell phone due to poor radio coverage.

The subject was taken into custody, treated by EMTs and transported to Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

The incident remains under investigation and criminal charges may be filed against the subject.

“This incident is an example of how dangerous any call can potentially be for all of our first responders,” stated Investigator Will Caudill. “Thankfully, due to the quick action of the Deputy Sheriff, the outcome resulted in everyone going home at the end of their shift and the male subject receiving medical treatment.”

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