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Bringin’ movies home

I guess someone could dig through our county’s history and dispute the following claim... but, Stan Houston has established himself as Blakely and Early County’s “most famous movie star!”

I remember thinking, “yeah, right” over a year ago when Stan told this publisher that he was going to lure some film makers to Early County.

Well, he was good for his word! They are here, have been for several weeks, visiting potential filming locations and meeting folks around the community.

And according to Scott Brown, founder and CEO of The Indie Vision Project, “We plan on being here for a while!”

The Indie Vision Project is not your typical movie production company. The Indie Vision Project, created by Brown and Jonathan Cocco of Pushing The Pen, is an intellectual properties company that has a production slate of 150 films set to be completed over the next six years.

“And we plan to shoot extensive footage of several of those projects here in Early County,” Brown stated recently over a huge plate of BBQ ribs at the 4th Out.

The company is planning to host a “magic show” here soon, featuring a magician who will be in one of the movies. Some of the money raised from the show will go to the Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library and the Friends of Blakely Animal Shelter.

The “magic show” will also serve as a casting call to people in the community. Watch for more information coming soon!

It goes without saying at this point that Stan Houston will be playing one of the major characters in “Killer Issues,” one of the films in production.

Stan gave the News a heads up this week that another Early County native, Stan Sealy will also be in the movie.

Stan Houston began his acting career in 2008, acting in “Savage,” a horror movie filmed in Early County. He has had roles in several other films since, the most notable being the racist antagonist Sheriff Jim Clark in the Oscar nominated film, “Selma,” along side Oprah Winfrey. He also starred in “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage,” along with Nickolas Cage.

At the urging of lifelong friend Stan Houston, Stan Sealy recently returned to acting. Stan was named best actor at state competition while at Southwest Georgia Academy and took some acting courses at Auburn.

As a writing and producing team Scott and Jonathan began expanding their already successful operation of creating original microbudget films and series content in late 2014. Since then they have shot the first two features in the slate, have five others in production, and another 18 in preproduction.

With a focus on producing quality projects on a micro-budget, a blend of amazing talent and crew is needed. The Indie Vision Project is one of the largest collectives of just that.

Georgia is now the No. 1 filming location in the world. During the past calendar year there were 320 film and television productions completed across Georgia, ranging from the AMC perennial ratingsfavorite, “The Walking Dead,” to Marvel Studios’ “Spiderman- Homecoming.”

In addition to the state’s tax incentives, many movie companies are seeing the same thing in Georgia that Scott Brown sees in Early County — Southern hospitality and a community excited about becoming a movie production site.

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