2017-08-09 / Society

1,000 books!

Congratulations to Ella Grace Johns for completing the program 1,000 Books ‘B4’ Kindergarten. Ella Grace received the book “Mary Had a Little Lamb” for completing the program.She is the 13-month-old daughter of Matthew and Ashley Johns. Ella’s favorite books are “Five Little Monkeys” and “Night, Night Farm.” Her favorite time to read is at bedtime but she loves to read anytime. Ella’s grandparents, Lewis and Cheryl Fryer, Karen Isler Johns, Robert and Sonya Johns, and great-grandmother, Christine Isler, read to her anytime she wants! Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial sponsors 1,000 Books ‘B4’ Kindergarten. This program is designed to be a fun and easy way to help your child develop pre-reading skills vital to kindergarten readiness.

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