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SGA opens season Friday

2017 Southwest Georgia Academy Warriors 2017 Southwest Georgia Academy Warriors The Southwest Georgia Academy Warriors are looking to improve on last season as they head into the 2017 season under new head coach Daniel McFather.

They will host the longtime rival Southland Raiders from Americus Friday night in Damascus.

The Warriors’ starting line-up on offense Friday night will be: quarterback - Keyshawn Jackson, runningback - Cameron Granger, fullback - KJ Warren, wide receiver - Luke Benton, wingback - Holden Phillips, tightend - Aiden Bruner, tackles -Miller Pickle and Landon Durden, guards - Ty Cooper and Collier McLendon and center - Brooks Mathis. Starting defensively for the Warriors will be: defensive ends Aiden Bruner and Beau Watson, defensive tackles Aaron Haire and Collier McLendon, outside linebackers Cameron Granger and Holden Phillips, inside linebackers KJ Warren and Walker Heard, cornerbacks Keyshawn Jackson and Luke Benton and safety BB Tedder.

McFather McFather Special teams: punter - Beau Watson, kicker - Landon Durden and long snapper - Holden Phillips.

The seven members of the Warriors’ 26-man roster will be seeing action on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

Other team members include: Canton Conner, Rylan O’Hearn, Zack Alderman, Ted Sasser, Parker Weaver, Beau Collins, Conner Pickle, Brandon Durden, Cole Bruner, Cade Nixon and Lance LaGuardia.

Assistant coaches include Caleb McFather, Danny Doster, Curtis Stanfield, Eric Kimbrel, Noah McFather and Adam Benton.

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