2017-08-09 / Editorials

Football and Feathers

Billy Fleming

I think someone wrote a song about it... “I’m not as rabid as I once was, but I’m as rabid once (or twice) each season as I ever was!”

Thank God football season is here! Maybe it can take my attention off what is happening to our children’s country, at least a couple times a week, over the next six months.

I have a few friends who probably won’t get much relief. They are rabid about their football teams 24/7 twelve months out of the year!

I was once that rabid, but I got some relief after about 20 years... my kids grew up!

My affliction actually began long before either of them ever peeked out of a football helmet... probably over 20 years earlier — when I first peeked out of a red or green helmet on Standifer Field.

This observation is open to criticism, but right behind God, family, patriotism and BBQ’ed goat, football is one of the best things America’s got going!

If any of you have any ideas how we can capture that rabid enthusiasm we see across the country on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, we need to have a talk! I have several good thoughts as to how we might put it to good use!

I won’t bother to share them here, they may sound a little off the wall... without the rabid enthusiasm in hand.

Another thought. If I could have gotten my hands on a pencil and calendar soon enough, football and hunting seasons wouldn’t be walking on each other!

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