2017-07-12 / Front Page

NO back-to-school tax holidays

There will be no back-to-school tax-free holidays this year in Georgia. The weekend had been scheduled for July 29-30.

State lawmakers did not pass legislation during this year’s Legislative session to provide for any 2017 tax holidays, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue, ending the state’s two tax-free weekends.

Teachers, students, and their families have used the annual back-to-school taxfree weekend to save money while stocking up on school supplies, clothes, and electronics before the start of the school year.

A second tax holiday later in the year had given consumers a tax-free weekend for appliances $1,500 or less with the ‘Energy Star’ or ‘Water Sense’ label.

Tax experts estimate that stopping the annual tax-free weekends will save the state tens of millions of dollars. It is estimated the annual back-to-school holiday eliminated more than $70 million in state and local tax revenue. Some tax experts have argued the sales tax holidays are politically popular but bad for state and local governments, which lose millions in taxes.

Supporters of the tax holidays argue that they stimulate the state’s economy as well as give consumers a small break and encourage energy efficiency.

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