2017-05-17 / Editorials

Some call it resolve

Billy Fleming

I can’t strap on my boots and go fight our enemies like 1Lt. Weston Lee was doing. But, I can do my part to fight our enemies within who are ruthlessly trying to destroy our country!

Sometimes I worry my “call to arms” falls on deaf ears, or that I may be crying “wolf” from time to time.

The wrath of worry can be found in the writings of wise men and the Bible is riddled with scripture about worry and anxiety.

Those of you who read this Mumbles and “are fortunate enough” to be on my blast email list know I’m often screaming, “Wake up America!”

You may have also noticed I have quit screaming as often. I noticed, and blamed it in part on “burnout.”

I confess also that part of it is the very complacent attitude I warned YOU about with Trump winning the election. I was needing a jolt to get me back in the battle!

Like many of you, there have been very few times the past two weeks my mind wasn’t on Weston Lee and his family.

He touched so many people during his short years. He’s also touched me, but I wasn’t sure how until Saturday.

“Gumption!” I think is the best way to describe it. Coming out of the memorial service I could feel the gumption to do whatever I had to do to make sure I deserved his sacrifice.

That probably means some of you are going to grow tired of my “Wake up, America” rants and email messages with the stories about how our kids’ and grandkids’ futures are being stolen.


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