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SGA students recognized during honors day

Highest Numerical Average (grades 6-12) – Cannon Hobbs, Sydney Thompson, Ash Phillips, Sara Beth Griffin, Laurel Ann Wilkerson, Aida Dozier and Devyn Bennett. Highest Numerical Average (grades 6-12) – Cannon Hobbs, Sydney Thompson, Ash Phillips, Sara Beth Griffin, Laurel Ann Wilkerson, Aida Dozier and Devyn Bennett. “Like the ancient Athenians, Southwest Georgia Academy strives to develop a sound mind in a healthy body,” Henrinel Middleton reminded students in the introduction for SGA Honors Day May 2, 2017, in the Joe Bryan Auditorium.

The program is sponsored by the Senior and Junior Beta Clubs and the Student Council. Their respective sponsors are Jan Calhoun, Debbie Ray and Jennifer Hatcher.

Annie Bridges, Senior Beta President, welcomed guests and students. Junior Beta President Laurel Wilkerson gave the prayer and led the pledge to the flag. She also asked for a moment of silent prayer for the family of SGA alumnus Weston Lee, who had been killed in the fighting in Iraq.

Headmaster Matt Dalrymple, members of the faculty and special guests presented the various scholarships and awards.


Louise Jones, representing the Peter Early Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution of Blakely, recognized Cannon Hobbs, who was chosen Senior Good Citizen last fall. Cannon is the daughter of Charles and Holly Hobbs of Blakely.

The award for the highest American History average went to Sydney Thompson, daughter of Brooke Williams Clinkscales and Jeff Clinkscales of Blakely, and Travis and Callie Thompson of Blakely. The Youth Citizenship Award was also presented to Sydney Thompson.

Mrs. Jones presented certificates to the eighth grade DAR Essay winners: Gillian Still, first place; Katie Shepard, second place, and Michael Turner, third place.

She also recognized SGA STAR Student Cannon Hobbs and the STAR Teacher Gary Woodams, math teacher.


On behalf of the Pilot Club of Blakely, Louise Jones presented a $1,000 Bessie Lewis Scholarship to Lanie Bradford, daughter of Joanna and Ricky Bradford of Colquitt.

Nancy and Alec Jernigan presented a $1,000 scholarship in memory of their son Matthew. This is an annual scholarship presented to a baseball player with a good academic record. This year’s recipient is Justin Grimsley, son of Janet and Scott Grimsley of Colquitt.

The Junior and Senior Beta Clubs have honored charter headmaster W.T. Henry by establishing a scholarship in his name. The scholarship is presented to a qualified junior who has an especially good attitude and is cooperative with students and teachers alike. The recipient of this year’s $250 scholarship is Sydney Thompson.

The recipients of the Dan Foster and Bill Foster Memorial Scholarships are Aiden Bruner, son of Travis and Melissa Bruner of Cuthbert and Cole Bruner, son of Leigh and Matt Bruner of Edison. These scholarships were established by Damascus Peanut Company in memory of the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Foster of Blakely.

The SGA Beta Clubs have also chosen to honor charter teacher and Junior Beta organizer Martha Jean Jordan with a memorial scholarship of $250 to an outstanding Junior Beta member. This year’s scholarship was awarded to Ansley Smith, daughter of Candi and Rob Smith of Donalsonville.

Anngene Gibbs’ Senior English Scholarship was presented to Jasmine Dowdy, daughter of Chris and Stacey Dowdy of Colquitt. This scholarship honors Mrs. Gibbs who was one of SGA’s charter teachers. She taught senior English during her 41 years at the academy. The $250 scholarship was provided by SGA Student Council.

Martha Dozier, another charter teacher, was also honored with a memorial scholarship given to an outstanding member of the yearbook staff. Mrs. Dozier was yearbook advisor for many years at SGA. Lane Hargrove, daughter of Amy and Bud Hargrove of Edison, received this $250 scholarship provided by SGA Student Council.

Kate Willis, representing Cotton Hall of Colquitt, presented a $500 scholarship to an outstanding student actor who had participated in the productions at Cotton Hall. The recipient of this scholarship was Tyner Cobb, son of Paula and Eddie Cobb of Colquitt. Tyner also received the Ralph Thompson Memorial Scholarship presented by Leslie Godwin.

The Farm Credit Association presented a scholarship to Sutton Bridges, daughter of Tonya and Chas Bridges of Damascus. Sutton also received two scholarships from LaGrange College where she has received a softball scholarship.

Brady Collins, son of Jody and Dan Collins of Leary, received the Dr. Carl Peace Scholarship for a Baker County student. It is a $650 renewable scholarship.

Erin Ragan, daughter of Stacie and Randy Ragan of Edison, received two scholarships from Andrew College. Erin has signed to play softball for Andrew.

Georgia Southern College presented a Georgia Southern Leader award to Marci Warren, daughter of Linda and Scott Warren of Colquitt.

Georgia Southwestern College presented two scholarships. Recipients were Ashlyn Wilkerson, daughter of Tiffany and Mark Wilkerson of Morgan, and Lanie Bradford, daughter of Joanna and Ricky Bradford of Colquitt.

Academic Letters

Announcement was made by Henrinel Middleton that 11 freshman, 16 sophomores and five juniors had earned bars for the academic letter which they will receive their senior year. Students earn a bar for each of their high school years in which they have a 90 or above average in each of their subjects. Seniors receive an academic letter with the appropriate number of bars.

Seniors receiving a letter with one bar were Ellen Bryan, Reese Vann, Matthew Henley, Mason Stuart and Jordan Trawick. Seniors receiving two bars were Kyle Brooks, Kingsley Cochran, Jasmine Dowdy, Ashlyn Wilkerson and Ross Worthy. Brady Collins, Marci Warren and Genie Hargrove each received letters with three bars. Receiving four bars on their letter were Lanie Bradford, Annie Bridges, Sutton Bridges, Tyner Cobb, Cannon Hobbs, Erin Ragan, Caley Smith and Jacob Watson.

Editors’ Awards

Becky Gordon, yearbook advisor, recognized her editors for this year. She presented the Editor’s Award to Lane Hargrove as she complimented her for a job well done. She presented an Outstanding Senior Yearbook award to Cannon Hobbs and an Outstanding Junior Yearbook award was presented to Karsyn Massey, who will be the editor next year. She then recognized the yearbook staff for their fine work this year.

Danielle Duebelt, newspaper advisor, presented her Editor’s Medal to Lanie Bradford as she commented on the fine job she had done. She then recognized the rest of the staff for their work on the newspaper and the help they had given her this year.

Beta Awards

Jan Calhoun, Senior Beta advisor, presented the President’s Medallion to Annie Bridges. She announced that once again Senior Beta had received outstanding awards this year — the National Beta School of Distinction Award and the School of Merit Award, which includes Junior Beta as well. She introduced the graduating members of the senior club and announced that they will be wearing special stoles denoting their membership in the National Beta Club at the graduation exercises.

She then presented medallions to the Senior Beta Officers: Annie Bridges, president; Sydney Thompson, vicepresident; Karlie Bridges, secretary; Sara Beth Griffin, corresponding secretary; Bridget Peterson, treasurer; Lane Hargrove, reporter; Abby Chapman, public relations coordinator; Karsyn Massey, historian; and Emerson Fenn, parliamentarian.

Lastly, she introduced all members of the club to the audience.

Debbie Ray, Junior Beta advisor, introduced her club members to the group.

First, she presented gold, silver and bronze medals to students with the highest averages: Laurel Wilkerson, gold; Aida Dozier and Devyn Bennett, silver; and Anna Myles Moseley, bronze.

Earlier in the program, eighth grader Ansley Smith had received the Martha Jean Jordan Memorial Scholarship as the outstanding Beta member.

Mrs. Ray concluded with asking the entire group to stand and be recognized.


Headmaster Dalrymple presented leadership medals to class presidents in high school. Receiving these medals were Cannon Hobbs, 12th grade; Sydney Thompson, 11th grade; Beau Watson, 10th grade; and Savanna Bradford, ninth grade.

Student Council officers received medals for leadership in recognition of their contributions to the school. President of the Council is Brady Collins; vicepresident, Justin Grimsley; secretary, Beau Watson; and treasurer, K.C. Stuart.


Rick LaGuardia gave two special awards to students who “never get an award” but who deserve one. The audience enjoyed LaGuardia’s humorous remarks as he presented Matthew Henley an award for “always returning everything he ever borrowed.” He then presented Brady Collins an award for “turning his life around,” after receiving an incredible number of demerit slips in the seventh grade. Brady had received none for the last few years.

Jamie Davis of Farm Bureau presented certificates to essay winners for this year. The topic was “The Importance of Georgia’s Speciality Crops.” First place winner was Caroline Harper; second place went to Ethan Barron; and Abbie Bruner was third place winner.

Counselor Leslie Godwin announced that Presidential Awards went to eighth graders Hank Harbin, Michael Turner and Laural Wilkerson.

Seniors who received this award were Lanie Bradford, Annie Bridges, Tyner Cobb and Cannon Hobbs.

She presented the University of Georgia Merit Award to Sydney Thompson.

Sutton Bridges was recognized for having the highest math score at the Kennesaw Math Tournament.

Nominees for several honors were announced — Sydney Thompson for Governor’s Honor, Miller Pickle for the Mitchell EMC Award, and Sutton Bridges for the Wendy’s Heisman High School Award.

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Award was presented to Abby Chapman and Loulie Hattaway.

Students eligible to attend the Duke University TIP program in the summer is Aida Dozier, Caroline Harper and Ethan Ragan.

Mrs. Godwin also announced that 21 of the 26 seniors were eligible for the HOPE Scholarship.



Members of the faculty recognized students averaging 90 or above in each subject area. Then the outstanding student or students were presented medals of achievement by Headmaster Matt Dalrymple. Those chosen as outstanding were as follows:

Sixth Grade

English – Brunson Fain, Anna Dozier, Jackson Ginn, Anna Myles Moseley, Devyn Bennett and Maggie Benton.

Math – Katie Earnest, Jackson Ginn, Anna Myles Moseley, Mimi Sasser, Devyn Bennett, Maggie Benton, Brunson Fain, Sarah Wasdin and Anna Dozier.

Science – Devyn Bennett, Katie Earnest and Jackson Ginn.

Social Studies – Katie Earnes.

Reading – Devyn Bennett, Katie Earnest, Mimi Sasser, Anna Myles Moseley, Jackson Ginn and Brunson Fain.

Highest Numerical Average in Grade – Devyn Bennett.

Seventh Grade

English – Taylor Bruner, Mary Mac Cooper, Aida Dozier, Claudia Hall and Caroline Harper.

Math – Abby Pickle, Kamryn Carver, Jaxon Gordon, Claudia Hall, Caroline Harper, Aida Dozier and Kole Kimbrel.

Agriculture – Abby Pickle and Jaxon Gordon.

Life Science – Aida Dozier and Claudia Hall.

Social Studies – Claudia Hall.

Highest Numerical average – Aida Dozier.

Eighth Grade

English – Ansley Smith and Laurel Wilkerson.

Math – Emily Earnest, Hank Harbin and Ansley Smith.

Earth Science – Hank Harbin, Laurel Wilkerson and Ansley Smith.

Georgia History – Laurel Wilkerson and Hank Harbin.

Technology I – Laurel Wilkerson.

Highest Numerical Average – Laurel Ann Wilkerson.

Ninth Grade

English – Savanna Davis, Abbygail Brooks and K.C. Stuart.

Spanish I – Abbygail Brooks and Ethan Pham.

Geometry – K.C. Stuart, Conner Pickle, Canton Conner, Ethan Pham, Collier Harper and Sara Beth Griffin.

Physical Science – Sara Beth Griffin, Sam Askew and K.C. Stuart.

Civics – Sara Beth Griffin and Sam Askew.

Highest Numerical Average – Sara Beth Griffin.

Tenth Grade

English – Abbie Earnest and Ash Phillips.

Algebra II – Emmie Fenn, Ash Phillips, Cameron Durden, Abbie Earnest and Loulie Hattaway.

Biology – Abby Chapman, Abbie Earnest and Ash Phillips.

World History – Abby Chapman, Abbie Earnest, Collier McLendon and Ash Phillips.

Technology II – Emmie Fenn and Cameron Durden.

Spanish II – Abby Chapman and Darian Cross.

Highest Numerical Average – Ash Phillips.

11th Grade

English – Karsyn Massey and Sydney Thompson.

Journalism I – Sydney Thompson.

Algebra III / Trigonometry – Andrew Collins, Jasmine Dowdy, Karsyn Massey and Sydney Thompson.

Chemistry – Miller Pickle and Sydney Thompson.

U.S. History – Justin Grimsley, Karsyn Massey and Sydney Thompson.

Geography – Miller Pickle and Karsyn Massey.

Highest Numerical Average – Sydney Thompson.

12th Grade

English – Kinsley Cochran.

College 1101 and College 1102 – Lanie Bradford, Cannon Hobbs and Erin Ragan.

Journalism II – Lanie Bradford.

Calculus – Cannon Hobbs, Erin Ragan and Lane Hargrove.

Senior Math – Matthew Henley and Jasmine Dowdy.

College Algebra – Lanie Bradford, Annie Bridges and Sutton Bridges.

Physics – Annie Bridges and Sutton Bridges.

Anatomy and Physiology – Lanie Bradford, Cannon Hobbs and Erin Ragan.

Economics – Lanie Bradford, Cannon Hobbs, Matthew Henley and Erin Ragan.

Highest Numerical Average – Cannon Hobbs.

Headmaster Dalrymple closed the program with congratulations to winners and words of encouragement to all of the students. He thanked the visitors for their attendance. He then announced that all students recognized on the program would be honored with an academic breakfast the following Wednesday morning.

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