2017-04-19 / Editorials

A new start & sad end

Billy Fleming

Undoubtedly, in the weeks since Trey Woolf announced his retirement, there has been a considerable speculation about who the Bobcat head coach would be.

All of that was put to rest last week when the school board approved the hiring of former Bobcat Joel Harvin to guide the Bobcats.

Like Trey, Joel has some pretty big shoes to fill. The Bobcats coming off a 1-8-1 season, it’s unlikely he will be able to repeat Trey’s first season success. But, if the Bobcat tradition prevails, it won’t take long for the community be looking to the Friday night lights.

I was saddened to learn of the death of former congressman Dawson Mathis late Monday. He was one of the most personable people I have ever known. He made a lot of friends in Blakely as he sought his first term of office.

The first time I met Dawson we walked up the street for a cup of coffee. He was greeting people along the way seeking their votes.

Several weeks later we took the same walk again greeting people along the way. Unbelievably, he knew the names of EVERYONE he had met during our first coffee trek.

Dining one night in Albany I saw Dawson making his way to our table.

“Billy, I’m running for the Senate.” I replied, “Please don’t, we need our congressman.”

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