2017-04-19 / Campus

Students learn to honor heroes

Fifth graders participate in Super Citizens Program. Fifth graders participate in Super Citizens Program. Early County Elementary School second graders recently filled the school cafeteria to celebrate accomplishments and honor local heroes after finishing 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program.

During the 10-week program the students began learning about their important roles in America’s future.

The “Hands on Liberty” DVD series, activities and lesson plans taught crucial lessons in civics, character, financial literacy and social studies to the techcentric generation. In the closing part of the program, Helping Hands, students applied those crucial lessons in the real world.

The students learned “when you honor a hero, you become a hero!” and chose heroes who embodied the traits of amazing citizens and read essays from the stage and presented them Liberty Pins.

The Super Citizen Program was made possible by Georgia Pacific. “With their help, we are teaching, inspiring and empowering our Next Great Americans.”

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