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All about the peanut and ‘Peanut Proud’

Chamber Thoughts
Kyle Kornegay

It’s that wonderful time of year again where Blakely, Early County, and our surrounding area celebrate the wonderful peanut.

This may sound a little strange to some who read this, but we always need to take a step back and realize just exactly what this crop means to our region. Without it, our economy would lose, suffer more than I care to mention.

There are so many jobs connected to the peanut in our community, that the loss of this cash crop would be a devastating blow to everyone living in Blakely and Early County. This extends beyond farmers into the very industrial fabric that holds us together. The red Georgia clay, the farmers, everyone involved in the peanut industry and business, as well as the peanut itself, are something to truly be proud of.

I feel that this is an opportune time to clear up any misconceptions regarding Peanut Proud and the Chamber’s involvement with the festival.

While we will always do anything that we can to support our community’s biggest festival, I want it to be known that it is not a Chamber of Commerce project. All thanks for its success goes to those who were there at its inception as well as those that continue to carry the mantle as we see it expand year-in and year-out.

Special thanks should go to Gregg Grimsley, the president of Peanut Proud, as well as those that work so hard in our community to make it a success. These community members include Mike and Sherri Newberry, Marcie Williams and Julie Jarrett, along with a whole team of residents who do their best to make sure the festival is planned and pulled off without any problems.

With that said, we just wanted to make sure that all of you in the community save your thanks for these individuals instead of giving any credit to the Chamber, and we hope to see you all at the festival this year on March 25.

We can’t mention Peanut Proud without mentioning the incredible humanitarian work that the organization is involved with. Peanut Proud CARES is what could be called a sister project to the festival.

While the festival is a boon to our community in countless ways, Peanut Proud CARES has an impact that reaches around the nation as well as the entire world.

Whether it be providing aid to impoverished areas or delivering peanut butter to areas struck by natural disaster,

Peanut Proud CARES is a project that shows the true benefit of all the hard work that these wonderful people devote so much of their lives to. For that, they should be thanked as well.

When it comes to Chamber news, we recently finished our dinner theater production of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. in collaboration with the ECES Early Birds and the ECMS Early Risers. We would like to thank everyone who participated and made this happen, especially the Early County School System, Sharon Hunt, both choral programs, as well as all the parents that helped and allowed their children to perform.

We would also like to thank all of those who attended and helped make this project such a great success.

We have also begun our Youth Leadership Program for 2017 and are proud to have another wonderful group of students participating this year. We hope that this program will continue to be beneficial to all involved and that we can bring these future leaders back into our community to ensure that our area continues to prosper for years to come.

I hope that you and yours are all having and continue to have a great week, and as always, please contact the Chamber at 229-723- 3741 or feel free to stop by anytime at 214 Court Square. We hope to see you all soon.

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