2017-03-15 / Editorials

A new road to travel

Billy Fleming

U.S. 27 four-laning completed!

There are more people in our community than I can count on my fingers and toes I wish could read that headline this week!

During Chamber of Commerce board of directors meetings dating back to 1969, the need for a four-lane highway to help recruit industry and jobs repeatedly surfaced in conversations.

But, the parting thought was always, “Not in our lifetime!”

It saddened me yesterday when I saw the DOT news release as I thought about the many “movers and shakers” in our community for which that prognostication was reality.

Most won’t remember the defunct west Georgia toll road project in the 1970s designed to divert 30 percent of the north-south traffic following I-75 through Atlanta. It was too expensive and angered too many property owners whose property was going to be divided by the project.

Not being connected to the major trucking lanes was a “real hurdle” to development efforts. But, long retrospect over the years has made me realize not having that four-lane road became as much of a crutch as it was an actual hurdle.

I say that for those going forward with dreams for our community. Make that new road work for us!

They won’t be able to see the great things you can do with their dreams, but somehow I think they will know!

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