2017-03-15 / Campus

Seventh grade student wins school system spelling bee

Seventh-grader Douglas Worlds won the ECSS Spelling Bee, besting a stage full of school champion spellers from the elementary and middle schools.

The competition dwindled to three spellers in the fifth round — Douglas Worlds, eighth grader Shaniah Tolbert and fifth-grader Skylar Harris.

Shaniah misspelled “polymer” and the final round came down to Douglas and Skylar. Skylar misspelled “algebra.” Douglas spelled his next word correctly and was given the championship word “conjecture,” which he spelled correctly to become Early County’s spelling champion.

The winners received a spelling bee trophy and all qualifiers received a certificate of participation.

Douglas did a superb job representing Early County in the district competition in Bainbridge Feb. 25.

Middle school principal Donnie Yarbrough welcomed the qualifiers and guests. Judges were Maddox Memorial Library Director Lauren Brookins, Judy Brownlee, retired Early County Middle School, and Bank of Early administrative assistant Kay Willis. The caller was Dr. Bronwyn Ragan- Martin, Superintendent of Early County School System.

Shaniah Tolbert is the daughter of Ursula Mays, Douglas Worlds is the son of Shenita Lester and Skylar is the daughter of Scottie and LaTosha Harris.

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