2017-02-15 / Editorials

Being nice has its risks

Billy Fleming

Here’s taking a shot at trying to be helpful and getting something off my chest at the same time... Get your damn flu shots!

No apology for the tone here. If someone had said it to me in that tone a few weeks ago, just maybe I wouldn’t have spent the past four or five days feeling like I was a leading character on the “hit” TV show — Walking Dead!

My fever shot up over 104 degrees. Judy said I basically just slept and coughed for three days!

The last time I was that sick was... well, the last time I had the flu! That was over 35 years ago when our kids were still terrorizing our neighbors on the southside.

The flu, pneumonia and shingles are all coming off my bucket list of unintended consequences... like my dogs, I’m going to keep my shots up to date from now on! If they got dog tags, I’ll wear ‘um!

I’ve got to focus the next few weeks. Judy’s Valentine Day haul was a little light. Had a legitimate excuse with the flu, but I’m going to miss those chocolates I would have given her.

It probably felt like a stranger, but she did get a quick, somewhat distant hug and “Happy Valentine” wish. Don’t know why I was being so careful, she has been coughing almost as bad as her flu patient.

Now, I’ve got to come up with something special for her birthday and our anniversary. Open for suggestions!

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