2016-05-25 / Editorials


Billy Fleming

Alvinnn!!! But, that didn’t slow him down. He pounced on the carport steps and into the house before I could move. He was last seen racing through the kitchen and into the den.

Actually, Alvin’s probably not his name. But, it was the only chipmunk name I could muster during the instant emergency. Besides, Simon and Theodore, the only other chipmunk names I know, just don’t have the same ring when you scream them out.

I was trying to save his life from Dog and Cat and shoo him out of the carport one morning last week. But, he spotted the door I left open and lickety split, he was gone!

Me, Buddy and Tessie were methodical in our search, shinning a spotlight and sniffing under everything in the house. Oh,oh... I didn’t look inside the shoes in the closet!

Alvin was not to be seen again until Monday morning when I was walking into the kitchen. From behind he darted between my feet and under the kitchen counter.

“How will we get him out?” Judy asked. “We won’t” I replied. “Not unless he wants to watch TV.” I explained that’s where the missing dogfood has gone over the years.

We haven’t heard him singing solo, and I don’t think Simon and Theodore are going to show up. If they do, I’ll have fodder for another Mumbles. In the meantime I keep watching for him jumping up and down on the TV remote!

I hope to see him darting out the door soon!

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