2015-03-11 / Front Page

Pokey’s license suspended

The City Council’s decision to suspend the business license of “Pokey’s Event Center” last week has drawn comments from family members that the city and Sheriff’s office are discriminating against owner Jerome Johnson.

During discussion at the March 3 council meeting, the council heard from several law enforcement officers who had responded to incidents at the center.

A hearing will be scheduled during the month of March to give the license holder an opportunity to respond to the action taken.

Five incident reports were discussed at the council meeting ranging from May 2014 to March 3. While Johnson does not have an alcoholic beverage license, those renting the facility are able to obtain a one-day alcoholic beverage license.

Three of the incidents involved alcohol violations, at least one involving consumption by minors, and three of the incidents involved fights or disturbances.

In other business the council adopted a draft copy of an intergovernmental agreement providing “...various economic development services and activities, including the funding of the Authority’s Economic Development Director staff position.”

The county and development authority also adopted the agreement last week.

The council adopted an agreement providing for the county to manage the city elections and a resolution for a grant application for funds to renovate the Bessie Scott Gym for a multi-purpose facility.

The council also adopted a resolution in opposition to HB 170, the transportation funding legislation. “However, since the Georgia Municipal Association has give a ‘thumbs up’ to recent changes made to the proposed legislation, we probably won’t send it to our legislators,” Mayor Anthony Howard noted.

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