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FC banquet to feature storyteller “Sister Yomi”

This year’s Freedom Council banquet will feature a presentation by world-renowned storyteller, Sister Abayomi “Yomi” Goodall as Harriet Tubman.

“Sister Yomi” is an accomplished and artistic storyteller, often described as a personality of “rhythm, color and sound.”

The banquet will be Feb. 22 at the Blakely Civic Center beginning at 6:30.

Sister Yomi’s artistic endeavors and versatility has led her to perform on stages around the world. She is presently serving Selma, Ala. in various capacities to help improve life in the Black Belt. Sister Yomi’s presentations are educational and entertaining.

The Freedom Council has recognized unsung heroines and heroes in observance of Black History Month the past nine years during the month of February. This year they begin an effort to develop heroines and heroes within the community by building leadership skills and confidence in young people.

Sister Abayomi “Yomi” Goodall Sister Abayomi “Yomi” Goodall Middle school students have been asked to participate in an essay contest — “I Speak of a Warrior, Sister Harriet Tubman.” The essay winner and participants will be recognized at the banquet, which will include a dinner for the children, parents and community members.

The Freedom Council of Southwest Georgia is a grassroots non-profit community organization that strives to educate, to bring cultural awareness, to ensure economic, social, and environmental justice; to identify inequalities that exist in Southwest Georgia.

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