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Jakin School closed 50 years ago

Memories spanning half a century will be shared by the alumni of the Jakin School when they gather for a reunion next month.

T.S. Minter gave the land in 1880 on which Mid- Way Church and the first school were built. The school was improved in 1921, when Mid-Way and Jakin School were consolidated.

A two-story brick building was erected in Jakin. A larger district called for transportation for the students and the first school bus route was started in 1928.

Jakin suffered a great loss when the school building and equipment were destroyed by fire in 1932. A new building was started the same year. Progress continued and in 1934 another grade was added and this made a total of eleven grades.

In 1937, home economics and agriculture classes were added. This called for more rooms which were added to the high school building and a two-room agriculture building was erected.

The years 1941-43 were important in the history of the school. A water system was installed and a canning plant was built on the campus.

Springfield, a neighboring district, lost their building to fire in 1942 and the Board of Education added a great part of that district to Jakin. More classrooms were needed.

A new agriculture building was erected and the old one was used by the grammar school. Two rooms were added to the old building and other changes were made.

Realizing the need for hot lunches, a lunchroom was added to the canning plant in 1947 with a kitchen being added in 1948.

Street lights were placed in front of the building and on the back campus in 1949.

Alumni can look back on their heritage and rich memories of Jakin School. The plays put on for the community... old time cake walks around the walkway of the auditorium... 8 mm movies shown in the auditorium... the old dirt basketball courts... the addition of a new gym in the late 50s... the annual fall carnivals. Rich memories, indeed!

Jakin School existed over 80 years and trained and graduated many well qualified students. Fifty years have passed since the doors closed.

Books, records, sports trophies, old desks and fixtures were packed up and hauled away. The old alma mater was torn down after a few years and the land was sold.

Years have passed and the old school site is filled with trees and grass with nothing left behind to remind the thousands of students who passed through those doors of learning. Only memories are left.

Over the years many classes have tried to keep the memories alive by having class reunions.

Jakin High School, over the years, had many great principals and teachers who devoted themselves to training boys and girls from the Jakin district. One of those principals was C.L. Brooks, who now lives in Bushnell, Fla., and celebrated his 102nd birthday this past April 23, 2013.

The Jakin School Reunion for all alumni will be Saturday, Oct. 26 at Moby Dick’s Restaurant in Colquitt. For more information call Delma Williams at 229-524- 8160 or Jackie Frith at 229-793-2102.

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