2013-08-14 / Front Page

NRA salutes Rep. Bishop for standing against Bloomberg

Billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is targeting Rep. Sanford Bishop, falsely accusing him of allowing terrorists to buy firearms.

The House Appropriations Committee recently passed the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill by a bipartisan vote. During consideration of the legislation, several anti-gun committee members tried to attach provisions to weaken our Second Amendment rights.

The NRA is saluting Bishop for standing strong for freedom by voting against every anti-gun amendment.

One of the amendments was a proposal by Bloomberg which was defeated by a vote of 29-19.

The amendment would have prohibited law-abiding Americans who appear on a secret government list, with no clear parameters for inclusion and no process for removal, from purchasing firearms. These lists have included countless individuals over the years who have committed no crimes, from young children to members of Congress.

The NRA noted that prohibiting honest citizens from exercising their fundamental, constitutional rights based on secret evidence with no due process of law is simply un-American.

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