2013-08-14 / Editorials


Billy Fleming

Couldn’t help but watch a video this morning of what TV pundits were calling the “greatest catch of all time.”

Two things made me watch the video... it was a “Wiffle Ball” game and the player’s name was Fleming.

Before I even saw the video my mind had already wandered back to the Church Street Gang days.

We did a little of everything on South Church Street back in the day, including playing Wiffle ball.

Our favorite time to play Wiffle Ball was when it was raining — the heavier the rain, the better.

By the time I saw the video I was a little disappointed. I had already recollected at least half a dozen catches that were better than that one.

The only reason we never fell over the fence after a catch was because we didn’t have a fence!

I heard about the video on the way to work this morning. About that time I turned to the “Fifties on Five” and the Rolling Stones were singing... “I got the Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.” My mind was really racing with memories!!!

The more I reminisce about those good times the more distressed I get about what I see happening to our country.

Anybody remember me saying Obamacare doesn’t have anything to do with healthcare?

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why Congress just exempted itself!

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