2013-06-05 / Front Page

Vehicles being targeted

Protect your valuables! Citizens are reminded to take valuables from their vehicles overnight and to LOCK the DOORS — even when you are at home!

Authorities have received six reports of thefts from automobiles that took place during the early morning hours of May 23 or the night before.

The reports came from two areas of Blakely. Four of the thefts were on Meadowbrook Drive and one each on N. Woodlawn and Tarver Drive. There were no signs of forced entry of any of the vehicles and no arrests have been made. “These thieves are trying not to draw attention. They are apparently bypassing locked vehicles and plundering the easier targets,” stated investigator captain Will Caudill.

Citizens are also reminded to remove all valuables, guns and personal and security informtion from the vehicle anytime it will be in anyone else’s possession for maintenance, repair, washing, etc.

If you don’t — someone can know where you live, your phone numbers, security and lock codes, banking info and more!

Vehicles were also the target of thieves several weeks earlier when several were broken into and one stolen and wrecked.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to please contact the Investigative Division at 723-3158.

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