2013-06-05 / Editorials


Already ‘teed” up for us!!!
Billy Fleming

“It will be interesting to see if our community will be able to “pull together” and make Peanut Proud an annual signature event in Southwest Georgia.”

I asked that question in April 2010.

Not only has Peanut Proud been a signature event in Southwest Georgia, it has received attention across the country, providing our community with positive public relations and more national exposure than we could hope to buy for economic development.

Except for that first year when we were driven a badly bruised peanut industry and our community’s “black eye” unduly dispatched by the national media had been beaten up by the national media, that’s not what it was about.

The past four years it has been something that made people want to come back home to take part in. People from near and far who had never been to Blakely before have been here for the last four, if not all five events.

Yes, part of the draw was some pretty spectacular entertainment. But it has been more than that... Peanut Proud has been about the right thing... the spirit and pride of the community.

And, that is what will empower us to make it successful going forward.

Going forward if Peanut Proud is going to thrive, the community must own it. The “community” must take ownership of Peanut Proud with “gumption!”

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