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Nature on the loose

What a way to start a day. It’s 5 a.m. and I start up my computer to get a first read of the news and I spy a story about a giant snake. More...

Alex McRae

Healthy kids — courtesy of a pet

The modern health care industry now routinely produces wonder drugs, miracle therapies and equipment that seems right out of “Star Trek.” With all those things at their disposal, people should be healthier than ever.  Most adults are More...

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When Tea Party and NAACP join forces to defeat a tax

No one would believe it, but a combined effort by tea party activists and the NAACP helped defeat a proposed 1 percent sales tax for transportation on the 10 main counties that make up some 6 million people living in the Atlanta metropolitan area. More...

Other Voices

Use common sense when microwaving

I have come to a conclusion, developed over many years of careful and deliberate observation, that the microwave oven must be the most difficult of all the kitchen appliances to operate.  More...


Wouldn’t you like to know?

The past few days brought to mind a memorable scene in the 1973 western movie featuring Henry Fonda and Terrance Hill.  Hill and his brother, both gunslingers, were sitting on their horses in front of a saloon talking to a rogue character when H More...

Capital Impact

T-Splost changed the terms of political debate

It didn’t receive much attention in the state’s media outlets, but it’s worth noting that the TSPLOST sales tax campaign saw a major change in the framing of the most basic political question of all: should taxes ever be increased?& More...

From our Files

Bottling plant to be in operation soon

10 YEARS AGO  Aug. 7, 2002   RETIRED COL. and Mrs. Emory W. Brownlee of Cumming, Ga., celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 18, 2002.  SOUTHWEST Georgia Academy opens its doors for the 32nd year Wednesday, Aug. 14.  More...