2009-06-24 / Editorials


And that would be none!!!
Billy Fleming

The final minutes of Father's Day were ticking away Sunday night when a life was recklessly snuffed out.

Parents and leaders of the community need to take notice of what is going on.

Listen to the concerns of our law enforcement. There is a "thug" element in our community that is taking on a gang style mentality.

That fight and murder was not a blip on the evening news about violence in some far away city. It was on the front page of your hometown newspaper. That violence was on a street here where you grew up.

How does a community stand up to such activities? I'm not sure.

However, I strongly urge our local officials and taxpayers to quibble no longer over the cost of law enforcement. The safety of our community is way too important.

Besides, the quickest way to reduce the cost of law enforcement would to be to double or triple what we are presently spending.

Having trouble with that math? Well figure it this way. The only way our cost of keeping our community safe will ever go down will be to make those wanting to live a thug lifestyle want to do it some place else.

And those parents blocking justice, advising their sons not to cooperate, "don't get involved?"... WAKE UP! You are lucky your son was not the one found lying in his own blood on the side of the road Sunday night.

How much more violence, how many more dead youths will we see before the next Father's Day rolls around. If enough of you reading this gave a damn, the answer would be none!

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