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Griffin murder remains unsolved

The Dothan murder of Blakely native Perry Griffin, which has remained unsolved for over a year, was back in the headlines of Dothan media this past weekend.

Griffin died from a gunshot during an apparent robbery in the early morning hours of June 26, 2007, at Panhandle Converter Recycling on Beverlye Road. No one has ever been arrested in connection with Griffin's murder.

Police analyzed footage from video surveillance on the property and found two gunmen wore Halloween style masks during the robbery. Griffin suffered fatal wounds from a shotgun blast during the robbery. The other gunman carried a handgun.

Griffin had worked more than two years as the company's general manager until two men gunned him down as he was departing on a trip to Mississippi to buy scrap metal.

The Dothan TV stations and the Dothan Eagle ran sto- ries marking the anniversary of the murder and reminding everyone a Crime Stoppers reward of $23,345 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information should call the Dothan Police Department at 615-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 793-7000.

"We try every single day to keep this fresh in people's minds in the hopes it will get to a person who knows something about it," Panhandle Converter Recycling employee Kacie Watkins said. "After months have passed people tend to put what happened on the back burner, and that's what we don't want to happen with Perry's murder."

Employees at Panhandle Converter Recycling held a family day at Water World Water Park Saturday in memory of Griffin and Floyd Layow. Layow died in a car crash on his way to work at the scrap recycling business two days after Griffin's murder.

Griffin lived with his wife, two daughters and son in Ashford.

"We relive it every day working here, but we won't forget it ever," Watkins said. "He was a good friend, he was a good person and he went out of his way to help everybody. He loved his wife and his family. They need some sort of closure as well as we do, his friends at Panhandle."

A Panhandle truck was burglarized a few months later while it was parked at an employee's residence in Houston County. Large amounts of cash were taken during both the Griffin murder and the break-in of the company truck in February. Houston County Sheriff's investigators are still looking into possible connections between the two crimes, Sheriff Andy Hughes said.

As a result of both crimes company owner Joe Donovan started a new company-wide policy, stating none of his drivers, including himself, would carry cash.

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