2008-01-09 / Editorials


Call us whatever you like
Billy Fleming

Did he call us toad frogs or hoot owls?

I've cried "wolf!" and rattled my saber enough over the past 25 years. Take note what Sam Griffin and now Bill Shipp are having to say on page five about metro Atlanta eying our water!

And, if we're not careful, we're gonna look like Floyd Patterson shortly after he stepped into the ring against Sonny Liston.

All the heavyweights are in one corner - Gov. Perdue said Tuesday after the Water Council approved the final version of the water plan... "I applaud the Water Council for the passage of the Statewide Water Plan today." Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle..."The Georgia Water Council's approval of the Statewide Water Management Plan today is good news." And, Speaker Glenn Richardson... "The Statewide Water Management Plan is critical to the future of Georgia and helps us take the necessary steps to plan for our continued growth and prosperity."

Think they don't plan to bring pressure to bear on any dissenting votes?

A few of you remember Tal DuVall and the esteem in which he was held on the UGA campus and across Georgia. As Shipp did, it's worth remembering what led to his demise.

Keep your eye on the ball! It's going to come at us fast. Monday, shortly after the gavel sounds, in fact!

On a lighter note...

Some Cajuns, probably proud LSU fans, recently approached one of their legislators, asking if they could add another month to duck season.

"Whatcha gonna name it?" the legislator asked.

"Whatdaya mean whatdawe gonna name it?" the Cajuns replied.

"Ya gotta name it sumpthin', 'cause you are already shootin' them ducks 12 month out of the year!"

That somehow reminds me I need to let you in on my newest armadillo strategy... decoys. Stay tuned!

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