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School SPLOST Tuesday

Advance voting now underway

Early County voters will go to the polls next Tuesday, June 19 to vote on the School SPLOST referendum which would extend the one-percent sales tax earmarked for education in Early County.

According to the legal notice published the past several weeks in the

Early County News, if approved the tax would be collected for a period not to exceed 20 calendar quarters, commencing upon the expiration of the one percent sales and use tax currently being levied in Early County, to raise not more than $13,000,000.

The proceeds of the tax are to be used for the purposes of (1) the acquisition, construction and equipping of new school buildings and facilities, including a new gymnasium, (2) adding to, renovating, improving and equipping existing school buildings and facilities, including the football stadium and a new roof on the high school building, (3) making certain technology and safety improvements, (4) making certain paving, signage and landscaping improvements, (5) purchasing maintenance vehicles and buses, (6) purchasing textbooks and band instruments and (7) acquiring any property necessary or desirable, both real and personal (the "Projects"), the maximum cost of the Projects to be funded from the proceeds of such tax not to exceed $13,000,000.

Major SPLOST Projects

The Early County Board of Education identified a list of proposed SPLOST projects earlier this year which are being considered for the June 19 referendum. Heading the list is $3.5 million for completion of the high school gym project and $1.5 million for computers and classroom technology.

Roofing and HVAC replacement are other big ticket items on the SPLOST list with $3 million allocated for roofing at the elementary school, high school, central office and Mangham Auditorium. $1 million is allocated for HVAC replacement in the elementary school main building.

Other SPLOST Projects

Also included on the list, in no particular order of priority, are $100,000 for school safety including gates, fences, public address systems and video surveillance; $500,000 for stadium renovation, including bleachers, handicap accessibility, concession stand and lighting.

Other items on the list include: $50,000 for additional office space and new carpet at the central office; $50,000 for middle school and high school gym improvements, including bleachers and modifications in dressing rooms; $25,000 to relocate wall in high school auto shop; $75,000 for Mangham Auditorium upgrades; $250,000 for vehicle and equipment maintance and replacement; $150,000 to $250,000 for bus shop modification; $5,000 for ECHS barn repair; $500,000 for textbooks and trade books; $125,000 for band instruments; $750,000 for bus replacement; $50,000 for elementary school playground; $100,000 for awnings at Pre-K over sidewalk; $5,000 for signs in elementary school parking lots and throughout buildings; $375,000 for furnishings in all schools; $75,000 for concrete walkway, sidewalk, covered walk and landscaping at Oaktree and the alternative school; and $25,000 to improve drainage in middle school parking lot.

Early County voters are urged to make their way either to the Registrar's office on River St. by Friday for advance voting, or to the polls in their voting districts between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. next Tuesday.

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