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Rapid result drug tests approved

Governor Sonny Perdue recently signed Senate Bill 96 into law which provides the option for companies in Georgia to drug test employees using an onsite rapid result saliva test. Within 10 minutes, at the job site, an employer can know if an applicant or employee used up to six different drugs of abuse including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine and phencyclidine.

Since 1993, companies in Georgia who comply with the Georgia Drug Free Workplace law have received a 7.5% reduction in their worker's compensation insurance premiums. However, until 2002, the only option for drug testing under the law was traditional lab-based urine testing. In 2000 the law was amended to allow the use of instant rapid drug tests using urine. The use of a saliva-based test was not approved until now.

The option of using a rapid saliva test instead of urine offers unique advantages to employers. The collection is easily observed reducing the likelihood of adulteration or dilution of specimens. The use of saliva eliminates the problem of "shy bladder syndrome" that occurs when a donor can't provide or intentionally avoids providing a urine specimen.

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, an affiliate of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the coordinator of Georgia's Drugs Don't Work Program, is providing informational seminars across the state for companies interested in learning more about the use of the rapid result saliva drug testing.

Please contact Leanne Mulherin, Drug Free Workplace Director @ 404- 223-2482 or email: Lmulherin@LiveDrugFree .org for more information.

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