2006-07-26 / Editorials


Hello Sowegans:

Trust all is well ... the hogs are fat ... chickens are laying ... plums are still around and there was enough gravy for everyone to have a sop.

I read MUMBLES with a great deal of interest. Bro. "Publisher" Billy ... made a very valid observation. Blakely is in the middle. Not sure of what middle but seemingly "stuck in a rut." More stores closing than opening. Population almost stagnant. Young adults move away.

Since my years, as a Blakely resident, progress has not been the most important pot simmering on the front burner. Seemingly, growth, expansion and "fresh-blood" was relegated to let's keep it cozy and comfortable, to ourselves.

From all accounts this attitude has proven to be a blueprint for growth disaster. A mentality that has evolved into a South Georgia status quo town. Financially strapped to the point, extraordinary

measures were dictated. Why not attract new residents/ businesses and reduce tax burden on the hometown folks. Remember, the hometown-heart beats strong if kept healthy.

The Early County 2055 proposal is well presented ... Blakely needs an immediate economic transfusion ... assuring it will survive to reap the benefits for its citizens in 2055.

A majority of us readers will not be around in 2055. Will Blakely be a memory? Now is the time to insure the 'Garden Spot Of God's Country' is a preferred, destination vacation CITY.

As the old saying goes ... "Sittin' still and wishin' makes no person (or city) great, the Good Lord sends the fishin'...but YOU must dig the bait."

I dearly love Blakely. I'll always be Sowega to the bone. Still, I get a lump in my throat, seeing a great little town ... slide, very precariously, along ... Destination, unknown.

Norman B. Smith

Tampa, Fla.

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